It’s that time of year.

The first and still my favorite.


Stuck with this in my head constantly for the past few days.  The guitar tone is so damn unique and 100% American.  Love it.  Long live outlaw country.

Seasons in Portland

So long 2014, hello 2015.  No need to attempt at writing anything philosophical this morning.  There are two seasons in the NW and this sums up the turning of a page on the year and the arrival of sunshine and warmer temps again in June.

Perhaps, I just like Nelson?  Anyone in on being the Nelson brothers with me on 10/31?  

Only family with #1 hits in three generations.  Respect.

My favorite month is about over.

So long November.  I am going to miss you.  

Yes, it makes me smile.

“Winter” has finally arrived here in Portland.  Yes, the NW version of winter, meaning it is officially wet outside until around late June.  Key-up the moans and groans about the darkness, the rain, and the cool, damp air that will consume the next few weeks of nonsensical conversation at your workplace. . .

Well, to hell with that.  I welcome the change.  Late October/early November drives people indoors in this part of the world at a time when I believe it does not hurt us to spend more time inside with our thoughts.  Once winter arrives here and I start spending more time inside I always think about this particular Pearl Jam song, “Smile”.  There are those people that are/were a part of my life that I think about when the lyrics from this catchy tune pass between harmonica parts.  (yes, Pearl Jam loves Neil Young)  

“I miss you already, I miss you always.”  Nothing sums up a handful of very important past and present people in my life more succinctly than that.  I do miss you still.  

So, pull over your hood and enjoy your next stroll in the rain, I know I will.

Always a playlist, there’s always a playlist

The first few days of grey skies and misty rain here in Portland subliminally changed what went in my ears over the past week.  I had a “whoa” moment this morning when I realized I was listening to totally different music.  I happened to be listening to the track above, Sweetness Follows, from REM’s album “Automatic For The People” and thought that it would be a fitting tune to play at my funeral.  The idea of a funeral playlist has been in my head all day.  We put together lists for parties, weddings, etc. all the time, but what would you want played at your funeral?  Give me a few days, I’ll have my list ready.

Trade Deadlines

Last week’s trade deadline in MLB made all sorts of headlines with a flurry of moves.  Oddly enough, several of the trades made were by the Boston Red Sox systematically shipping off vital members of last year’s World Series winning squad.  Their white flag went up on the season and the spare parts were all of the sudden for sale.  

It got me thinking though.  As my mind is always swimming around in the worlds of art and sport, I was wondering “What if there were a ‘trade deadline’ for art museums?”  Art Museums singularly are known for specific pieces, I think of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre for example, just like certain teams are known for specific players.  What if around this time in the summer museums swapped pieces (like players) for an end of the year (playoff) push?

It could be treated just like sports media.  Buzz could be generated on social media with the “rumored reports” of possible trades.  Twitter “sources” could report trades as they happen.  I don’t know exactly how it would all work but I thought of so many parallels and my marketing brain ran wild with the idea.  In the past when temporary swaps have taken place they do in fact generate some buzz.

This week is a big week of baseball and art museums for me and the above Ryan Adams song pretty much sums up where my head is at as that trip approaches.  

….can’t find the truth in a house of lies, and you can’t see tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes.”

The Sun Is Shining Here And The Future Is Bright. . .

Always on the road: Witnessing rays of hope in Detroit from Oliver Schrott Kommunikation on Vimeo.

“Wind will blow and the sun will shine.
On that hill where we used to climb.
I look in your eyes and you’ll be mine.
Someday soon.
I won’t even make a scene.
It will be just like a dream.
Cash is gonna flow down by the old mainstream.
Someday soon.
You don’t know me, but I know you (you don’t know me).
You have no idea what I do (what I do).
Make you mine and see you swoon.
Someday soon.
Sun’s gonna shine, wind’s gonna blow.
On the hill where we used to go.
I look in your eyes and down I will roll.
Someday soon.
Someday, someday soon.
Someday, someday soon.”

Thank you Wilco*

I Will Survive

I saw “I Will Survive” penned on a planter yesterday on my commute to work and it really struck.  It is an appropriate phrase this time of year in Portland.  Seemingly each and every corner of the country is warming up and experiencing Spring on a daily basis, where as here it is hit or miss until basically July.  The best things come to those who wait.

I love the “to hell with you” aspect of this song.  Talk about one of the best-ever breakup/broken heart songs.  CAKE does such a tremendous job of covering Gloria Gaynor.  Damn, I love both versions.  You really cannot argue with the original.  The pace and cadence of the horns especially, sets down the marching rhythm where you can just imagine this blaring in the scorned one’s ears as they strut it down the street.  Ha!  I love it.

Compare the tunes and the clothes!

So long winter, it’s baseball season.

So long winter.  There’s nothing more American than Opening Day of baseball season.  I expect to write up a monologue on the subject soon.  Stay tuned!

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